Here are the top 3 lessons experts have taught us about the importance of organic movement, play, and FUN in a child’s developmental years.

Unstructured Play Develops Confidence & Opportunity

At the foundation of every good athlete is good physical literacy. With or without hopes of becoming an athlete, learning and knowing how to move your body on different planes and surfaces is crucial in a child’s ability to keep up with friends, and have the confidence to try new things. Unstructured PLAY facilitates children to be curious, collaborative, and innovative while developing a love for movement.
Active For Life provides hundreds of resources & articles on physical literacy and the importance of Natural Play; like this one.

Children Need to Have FUN

The key ingredient to a healthy relationship with sports and physical activity is FUN, and that’s why we created an indoor playground with FUN at its core. It’s more than staying fit or getting stronger. To see your children laugh and smile as they move is reaffirming that movement is good, enjoyable, and hopefully they will choose to be active more frequently. To stumble and fail in a fun setting will help prevent children from associating failure with negativity.

Lead by Example and Your Kids Will Follow

If you care about physical activity, physical literacy, and leading a healthy lifestyle, the best way to pass this on to your children is to lead by example. As a giant playground facility for all ages and abilities, we witness hundreds of families who’ve seen improved relationships with physical activity and with one another by joining their children while they play.

Developing strong bodies and minds in our children starts with movement, play and F-U-N! Take the time to book a play date at your local indoor playground today! 

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