As one of Calgary’s largest indoor trampoline parks, we get visitors from near and far asking our team what they should wear and bring? Here are the top things to maximize your visit to our gigantic indoor playground.

1.Flexible Clothing

We know – duh. But seriously, if you can run, jump and climb in it you’re set to go. On average, our customers spend a continuous 1-2 hours of playing so plan to wear your least restrictive, most breathable, and if you’re a real hustler, something that is sweat-wicking gear. Our trampoline park features fashion that includes shorts, t-shirts, and even jeans that provide enough space to flip around in! 
TIP: Leave your ball caps at home as they are not permitted in the trampoline park as a safeguard against guests slipping and falling on them.

2.Certified Trampoline Grip Socks

  1. InjaNation cares about your safety so we have a standard that requires certified trampoline socks in order to play in the trampoline or dodgeball courts. This sturdy grip will cover the entire bottom of your foot and can be a pair from InjaNation or purchased from another trampoline park as long as it meets our standard of coverage. We care more about your safety, than making three dollars off you! Here’s an image of an approved grip sock:

3.Running Shoes

Don’t forget that InjaNation’s indoor playground has a few other offerings that other trampoline parks don’t, so also make sure you bring clean indoor running shoes! Our ninja warrior courses, military obstacles all require athletic shoes and the climbing walls just feel better if you have them!


Hydrate! We know this doesn’t really apply to your clothing, however jumping on trampolines is much more physical than one might think! Although an older study, but reputable, a 1979 NASA research study reported someone spending one hour rebounding, (jumping on a trampoline), would burn more calories than that person would jogging for an hour. Plan to get your heart rate up and rehydrate either by bringing your own water bottle or picking up a beverage from our Food N’ Fuel Café!

We look forward to seeing you and to save time, do your Waiver and Book Online ahead of time!