team training


Our team training programs are designed to complement the trust, discipline, and physical and attributes already being developed with your group. 

Training your male and female sport teams at InjaNation create a focus on functional movement skills, speed, agility and general athleticism that give you an edge over the competition. 

  • It’s fun for all ages and abilities!
  • Build confidence while boosting communication and trust within your players.
  • Suitable for any age of athletes and coaches can customize training workouts to achieve your desired outcomes.

Offer your players the experience that sport professionals have identified as key to performance: diversity from specialization, unstructured play, and finding the fun in competitive sports.

Let us help cater your next group training series with a fully equipped training turf, sleds, TRX systems, battle ropes, climbing centre, and obstacle courses. 

Guaranteed to make them smile and sweat! 


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