The teen & tween years can be a challenging balance of wanting to give your child independence, but not wanting them to wander too far away. Here are a few steps to take to ensure your teen or tween are safe, having fun, and you are at ease!

Knowing & Trusting Their Friends  

Trust is going to be your most valuable tool in having comfort leaving your teen alone. Knowing who they’re spending their time with, and trusting their friend’s judgement and lifestyle will keep you at ease and your teen out of trouble. Be proactive and suggest, “You and Justin should do something together this weekend” if you know that friend is responsible and safe. Or invite Sarah over an hour before they plan on leaving the house to “hang with friends” if you’ve never met her, so you can familiarize yourself with this new friend. 

Safe Environments 

Knowing where your teen is going, and what type of supervision they have is crucial in building trust and peace of mind. If you’re dropping them somewhere like an indoor playground or trampoline park, check-in with a staff member regarding how many employees are working and what some of the rules are in that environment. Making sure that there is ample supervision and precautions against injury or other trouble, you and your teen will both have a great night! 

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Communicate Expectations & Thank Them for Respecting Them 

We’ve all felt like dictators before, but nothing feels better – to both of you – than a little open communication and then sending them off with your trust! Talk through all the details of the night before they leave, and check-in with them afterwards to see how everything went. Thanking your kids for respecting expectations will also reinforce the behaviour and make them feel appreciated.  

 It all boils down to an awareness of the environment and the people your kids will be spending time with, and trust. Trust will be the hardest but most valuable tool in allowing your teen to grow and thrive, while giving you a peace of mind at home. Here at InjaNation we pride ourselves on providing a safe, clean and inclusive environment for guests of all ages and abilities. Here are a few ways to get your Teen or Tween involved: