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Do I have to sign a waiver every time?

As long as it has not expired or a new version has not been released, it’s a one-time deal.

Why don’t you have paper waivers?

We love trees.  We also love keeping your information safe and up to date. Paper waivers must be kept for 7 years…that’s a lot of years…and a lot of paper.

Where do I complete the waiver?

Complete the waiver quickly from your desktop or mobile device! Just click here. If you need help, our team can assist you upon arrival.

This place is huge! How do you keep it clean?

We take cleanliness very seriously. In fact, we’re kind of germaphobes. We have a strict cleanliness policy that all of our staff enforce. If you have any concerns, please let us know.

Do I have to buy trampoline socks?

Grip socks are only required if you wish to jump on the trampolines. You can purchase a pair of high quality InjaNation grip socks for $2.95 or use a pair from another facility if you have them. We encourage the use of clean, dry athletic shoes everywhere else in the facility.

When is my time up?

Our team will inform you at check-in when your specific coloured wristband expires.  We have clocks in the facility and an announcement will indicate when your time is up. You can purchase more time or choose to enjoy something from our Food n’ Fuel cafe.

Where can I keep my things?

We have lockers and cubbies for our guests and storage bins for our party guests. You are welcome to bring your own lock or you can rent one upon checking in.

Do I have to book online?

You are welcome to drop in anytime but we encourage you to complete your online waiver beforehand to save you time. During peak times, booking online will ensure you aren’t disappointed due to sellouts.

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