Committed To Community: InjaNation calls on guests to help Vecova recover funds from theft.

Did you know that all of the bottles from your birthday parties are donated to Vecova? During athletic wrap-up season and the pre-summer birthday party extravaganza, InjaNation donates a sizeable amount to the charity. Unfortunately due to the economy in Calgary, some thefts began happening to the outside bin that hampered the funds able to support Vecova.  See the Global News segment below to learn how we teamed up with our fantastic guests to try to replace the money.

Indoor playground InjaNation held a bottle drive Saturday to help replace donations stolen from an outdoor collection bin.

By: Michael King 

The Beat the Thieves bottle drive held Saturday at InjaNation indoor trampoline and training facility aimed to raise awareness about theft from the business’ donation bin. InjaNation has partnered with the Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research for almost two years, donating bottles and housing a collection bin in its parking lot. But after several incidents of theft from the InjaNation bin, marketing and communication manager Leslie Newell said the business wanted to help replace some of the lost donations.

“When we heard that the bottles kept getting stolen, we said: ‘Hey, let’s rally the community around and create a better benefit for them,’” said Newell. “We are a family facility that hosts a lot of parties and so what better way to pay it forward to an organization like Vecova.”

Vecova social enterprise manager Jerrad Carnie said the theft affects how the non-profit helps its clients. “It definitely has a big impact on that money being raised and what goes to the programs. (It affects) all the people that we support at Vecova,” Carnie said.

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