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After school programs for kids should be FUN! We believe in utilizing all of our facility to incorporate fun, facilitate friendships, and explore new ways to be active!


Our programs focus on developing new skills in endurance, balance and coordination, agility, and strength in a creative and unique delivery method.


Run, jump, and climb to new accomplishments! Our Parents indicate their children exhibit signs of greater self-esteem as a result of their experience.

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Our Programs

Participants will have fun while they learn technical skills to master the obstacles, interpersonal development skills with other kids, and become better than when they started!

Each session of programs begins with fun assessment day! Kids are grouped according to skill level by our qualified coaches and have the opportunity to progress to new levels of achievement in future program enrollment.

  • Flexible Days

    Choose from either Sunday, Monday, or Wednesdays.

    60 minute classes occurring 1/week.

  • Winter Sessions

    Winter Session 2: March 3, 2o19

  • Affordable

    $139 for 7 weeks

  • Ages 5-14 Yrs

    Class groupings are structured by ability to encourage the best outcomes for each child.

Athletic Programs

Anti-specialization = Better Athletes

We believe in anti-specialization as research has shown that those who played many different sports and activities resulted in being better overall athletes.

InjaNation hosted Athlete Development & Sport Conditioning expert, Rich Hesketh and Olympian, Jessica Zelinka to discuss the return to fundamentals in sport, over specialization, and ways that parents and coaches can elevate their child’s performance.


Rich Hesketh is an accomplished industry leader that spent 19 seasons with the Calgary Flames Hockey Club as their Strength and Conditioning Coach, contributes to hockey training projects with Under Armour, was a consultant for NIKE Hockey Conditioning programs, and as a previous successful decathlete, he coached track and field for 17 years with the U of C Dinos and local clubs.

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What others say about us

This is the first activity my child has taken where it is hard to get her to leave after each class. She constantly told me how much she loved the program and couldn’t wait until the next week. Her coach was amazing with the kids and it was nice to see how enthusiastic the coaches are there. We would sign up next session but we’re away for half of it. We’ll be back again!

Michelle H.InjaNation Parent