Meghan Jessiman with the Calgary Herald tours Calgary’s newest indoor ninja warrior playground with memories of school recess and an interest in overcoming new challenges suited for fitness abilities of all ages. See the excerpt below:

If you’ve ever spent the night parked in front of a television watching the competitors on American Ninja Warrior pull off seemingly impossible physical feats and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” Now is your chance to prove it.

InjaNation, a 55,000 square-foot fun and fitness facility filled with ninja-inspired obstacles and activities suitable for all ages, recently opened its doors in Calgary’s northeast.

Inspired by the aforementioned NBC series American Ninja, the fitness industry shift to more fun-focused activities and the growing trampoline industry, Tim Ritchie and Mike West believed this was a recipe for success for a lighthearted and community-based business in Calgary.

With a little something to suit everyone, from adults who take their obstacle race training seriously, to families looking for a fun birthday party idea, and all the teens and curious amateur races in between, they may be right about that.

The facility’s Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course designed for adults, is just like the one on you see on television. Seeing is believing when trying to appreciate just how challenging those gravity-defying, strength-annihilating challenges can be.

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