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Athletic Youth and kids registered programs


Our well rounded programs focus on building physical skills: endurance, coordination, agility, and strength.  We believe in teaching skills related to mental strength as well such as affirmations, visualization, preparation and planning.

Participants will explore fitness in a creative and unique format using the facility obstacles and learning through tutorials and seminars to better their performance as an athlete and citizen.  

Sessions Paused Due to COVID-19

  • Sundays, Mondays, or Wednesday options
  • 1 hour, once/week for 7 weeks
  • Ages 5-14
  • Participants work towards attaining new skill development.
  • Small coach to child ratios

$139/7 Weeks

Athletic Programs

Our registered programs for kids are fun and affordable! Located in north Calgary, our youth after school and weekend programs utilize the entire facility to incorporate fun, facilitate friendships, build confidence and teach children new ways to be active!

While your child plays, we offer a special rate for siblings to play in the indoor playground and two lounges for the parents to relax or finish up work from the day!

Participants become well-rounded athletes by exploring movement on a variety of equipment:

Climbing obstacles
Trampoline fitness & games
Ninja Warrior courses
Military obstacle course
Training turf


We believe in anti-specialization as research has shown that those who played many different sports and activities resulted in being better overall athletes.

InjaNation hosted Athlete Development & Sport Conditioning expert, Rich Hesketh and Olympian, Jessica Zelinka to discuss the return to fundamentals in sport, over specialization, and ways that parents and coaches can elevate their child’s performance.


Rich Hesketh is an accomplished industry leader that spent 19 seasons with the Calgary Flames Hockey Club as their Strength and Conditioning Coach, contributes to hockey training projects with Under Armour, was a consultant for NIKE Hockey Conditioning programs, and as a previous successful decathlete, he coached track and field for 17 years with the U of C Dinos and local clubs.


This is the first activity my child has taken where it is hard to get her to leave after each class. She constantly told me how much she loved the program and couldn’t wait until the next week. Her coach was amazing with the kids and it was nice to see how enthusiastic the coaches are there. We would sign up next session but we’re away for half of it. We’ll be back again!

Michelle H.

Program Parent


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