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Get this party planning started! Book Online and focus on getting your invitations out! We offer promotions for Monday-Thursday and you can choose from a table or private room to celebrate your birthday party!


InjaNation offers parties the flexibility to bring in their own cake and party food, we just ask that it isn't pizza as we sell this in-house and it's super yummy! Need to keep that ice cream cake frozen while you play? No problem!


Planning your kids birthday party is super simple with our invitations you can print and slide into their backpacks. Make sure to have all parents do the waiver online 5 days before your party for easy check-in!

Make Memories

If you’ve ever tried experienced the fun of trampolines or a birthday party at Flying Squirrel imagine that PLUS way more to do for all ages! A full sized trampoline park, climbing center, three different obstacle courses, and no-barrier access for non-participants to watch the kids while everyone plays! 

Now offering mini-birthday parties for those smaller groups! Book your next birthday or family activity today!

Host your kid’s next birthday party in 55, 000 square feet of fun surrounded by ninja warrior courses, climbing center, a huge indoor trampoline park, and a military obstacle course where they can dream of being the next XWarrior Champion or just remember the joy of using our imagination!

Designed by parents that have seen and done it all, our birthday party packages are suitable for girls and boys of all ages and abilities. We believe that play is a lifelong habit, so get everyone off the sidelines to explore our giant indoor playground!

InjaNation birthday parties and group events can be customized for very large and small groups. We get it- the birthday child and the parent sometimes need to meet in the middle!

All birthday party packages include a birthday gift for the guest of honor, trampoline grip socks, water, plates, and cutlery! 

Party Perk: Have your birthday party Monday through Thursday and enjoy an even greater rate and unlimited play time in our giant indoor playground

Choose whether you’d prefer a table in the open area where your guests can come and go from while they play, or store your items first and then enjoy the privacy of your own room. It’s the SAME price! 


Have a birthday theme you’ve been planning from Pinterest? You can bring your own decorations for your table or private room.

Remember the joy that comes from having the whole family participate in activities together! Birthday parties at InjaNation allow you to feel confident that you can play with your child of honour and still have an organized and fun experience for all that are attending!  

Have guests with dietary restrictions? Don’t worry, we can organize food for those people as well!

Calgary fun birthday party


$250 Monday – Thursday Additional Guests $24


  • Bottle of water for each guest
  • Trampoline Grip Socks
  • UNLIMITED playing time before or after party*
  • InjaNation gift for the guest of honour

*Time in private party room is 30 minutes

$325 Friday – Sunday Additional Guests $30


  • 90 minutes of play time, 30 minutes in a private party room
  • Bottle of water for each guest
  • Trampoline Grip Socks
  • InjaNation gift for the guest of honour


$250 Monday – Thursday Additional Guests $24


  • Bottle of water for each guest
  • Trampoline Grip Socks
  • UNLIMITED playing time before or after party*
  • InjaNation gift for the guest of honour

*Time at table is 2 hours

$325 Friday – Sunday Additional Guests $30


  • FULL 2 hours at Home Base table
  • 90 minutes of play time
  • Bottle of water for each guest
  • Trampoline Grip Socks
  • InjaNation gift for the guest of honour
cake birthday party calgary



Super food for super ninjas! No party is complete without some delicious party food because every ninja has to eat! Check our our Food N’ Fuel cafe and catering menus here!


Ask us about party merchandise options when you book your party to make it even more fun! Merchandise options include a Ninja Headband and InjaNation power band.


Make sure all your friends have your birthday party date saved by sending them an InjaNation Birthday Party invitation! Download your free invitation here!


  • Choose a party package
  • Book online or call us at 587-353-4652
  • Send out your invites. Remind everyone to fill out waivers before the party to maximize play time
  • We will contact you closer to your party date to go over the details, guest list, and food orders
  • Get ready for the best birthday ever! Don't forget your indoor running shoes and arrive 10-15 minutes early


Had a brilliant 10th birthday party for 13 kids. Easy to plan, we used a table to stop for snacks & drinks, then scoffed four pizzas & vegetables too. The kids polished off the cake, then asked for more playtime.

– Lesley W. InjaNation Guest

Was the easiest kids birthday party I’ve hosted at a venue like this to date. I loved that we were able to access the party room early being the first party of the day and that was a great option because we had a couple kids with sensory issues in our group that needed a space to get away to.

– Heather M. InjaNation Guest

Awesome!!!! It was an extremely fun facility and we would definitely have another party there.

– Brad S. InjaNation Guest

It was the best kid’s party experience I have ever had. I actually enjoyed the party 🙂

– Leslie M. InjaNation Guest

We had a great time. The party was for an 8 year old and everyone from 4 – adult had an amazing time.

– Ashley W. InjaNation Guest

Fantastic play space with tons of things for kids of all ages to do. Everything was super clean, well organized, safety was top of mind and the staff were professional and helpful. Everyone left exhausted and happy! We’ll definitely be back often.

– Stephanie N. InjaNation Guest

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