5 simple activities for you to do with your daughter when planning father-daughter time.

Why is 1-on-1 time with your daughter important?

Kids look up to their parents so by planning healthy or meaningful activities together, she will learn to prioritize quality time and build healthy habits in her own life. Suggest fun activities that allow you to engage with one another will build trust and open communication for when life throws them curveballs and they need someone to talk to. For example, shoot hoops together as opposed to watching a movie.

Top 5 Calgary Activities For Parents & Kids

1. When it’s Raining Out

Find a local indoor playground that offers a variety of activities for you both. Hint- We might know of a good one!

2. When it’s Nice Out

Plan a Scavenger hunt or do a short kid-friendly hike

3. For Hanging With A Teen or Tween

Suggest a sporting event that allows you to cheer for your favourite teams, and discuss what she liked or disliked on the way home.

4. Time With Toddler Aged Girls

Make her favourite thing, your favourite thing! If it’s Frozen, dress up as Olaf, watch Frozen together, make a Frozen themed craft, ask her about Frozen all night long!

5. For When Your Daughter is Really Picky:

Have a YES night. Within reason, let her choose the activities. Set a budget and let her choose how you’re going to spend your time together. You might also learn something new or interesting about her by doing this!

The Proof Is In The Pudding

We have seen our Family Membership encourage more father-daughter play dates than ever before and witness increased communication, laughter and encouragement between fathers and their girls. Plan a few activity nights with your daughter this month and let us know what you did, how it went, and anything you learned about the process of connecting with your daughter.

Check out these two local Calgary Dads who have many resources for how they do this right here in Calgary are Dashing Dad & Dad Camp

Share this link with a dad you know, and help encourage some fun father daughter time today!