Keep Active, Have Fun, & Crush Your 2018 Fitness Goals

Keep Active, Have Fun, & Crush your 2018 Fitness Goals

Whether you’re aiming for ‘new year, new me’, or just looking to spice up your already awesome workout routine, I’ve got some fun new tricks to try! Let’s start crushing our 2018 fitness goals with this little how-to guide and tackle the many obstacles and areas here at InjaNation. Over the last year we have seen some awesome feats accomplished within our walls. The following exercises are some of our favorite ways to sweat, smile and achieve those workout goals!


One of the best ways to warm up your muscles and get your blood pumping is to head to the trampolines. Gather all your friends and family, and start things off with a friendly (or not so friendly) game of dodgeball! One of my favorite dodgeball games is revenge dodgeball! When you get hit, you are only out of play until the person who hit you is out. It’s time to cheer on your teammates and get revenge on your attacker. Then head on over to the foam pits and have a long jump competition! Place a different coloured block in the foam where the furthest jumper has landed, and try to out jump your competition. The hardest part of this workout is climbing out of the foam pits after!


Let’s get those feet back on the ground and into a harness. Toss your runners back on and head over to the climbing centre. My favorite challenge is one-colour-at-a-time on the speed wall. Test out your friends’ abilities during a duel using only yellow or only orange holds! This is a lot harder than it sounds, but with enough practice there are ninjas out there who can do one color in 12 seconds or less!

Ninja Warrior

Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time for the ultimate challenge: Ninja Warrior courses.

Race the clock on the timed ninja racing course. The obstacles on this course seem simple, but if you fall off or don’t succeed at one that’s 5 burpees of punishment at the end of the course! Be careful not to slip, but not too careful as you’re still racing the clock. Aim to be a champ by finishing under the tough one-minute mark.

Pro-Tip: You will need plenty of water throughout your day of activities, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle, or pick one up at our Café.

Military Obstacle Course

Once you’ve re-hydrated, it’s time to get serious on our military obstacle course. The toughest of all the courses, and the only one where you get to go head to head against your most competitive friends. You’ll need athletic shoes for this course, so lace ‘em up and let’s get going! The military course, like the ninja course, has many obstacles so if you cannot complete one then you must do 5 burpees to move on to the next. Make sure someone is timing you both, because there needs to be a clear winner after all the blood, sweat and tears! (Hopefully no blood!)

Keep active

Peg Wall, Battle Ropes, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder

If there’s a drop of energy left in you after hitting the trampoline park, climbing centre and ninja warrior courses, we have a few more obstacles for you to tackle before you head out! Sled pushes are the ultimate bun burner, the Peg Wall is a gritty test of your upper-body and grip strength, our battle ropes will make your arms nearly fall off (not to mention a killer back and core workout too), while the warped wall and salmon ladder seriously test your ninja skills.

There are almost too many things to write about in one post, so you will have to come try it all out for yourself. Crush those new year’s resolutions, burn thousands of calories on a cold day, and have a blast while doing it. Bring out your inner ninja, by running, jumping, climbing and sweating like the pros.

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