Faye Stenning – Inspiration and Spartan Race Professional

Spartan Race Elite Athlete, Obstacle Course RacerWe had the pleasure of welcoming Spartan Pro Team member and elite obstacle course racer, Faye Stenning, to our facility on Sunday.

From Running For Fun To The Top Of The Obstacle Racing World

We are humbled by how effortlessly Faye made every obstacle look. However, she didn’t reach this level by luck. It takes countless hours of hard work to master techniques and hone her skills. Fun runs and local obstacle course races started as a weekend hobby for Faye, which quickly escalated into more travel and bigger races to the point where she got signed to the Spartan Pro Team in 2016. A short three years after getting hooked on the rapidly growing world of Obstacle Course Racing, Faye is a household name in the sport.

Play Hard, Work Hard

Her story resonates with us and what we’re all about at InjaNation; playing, training, and inspiring. Her rise to the spotlight as a strong female role model in a sport that requires strength and perseverance is inspiring to many. The next generation looks up to her as a reminder of what they’re able to accomplish with hard work and having fun. Faye hopes to continue inspiring the next generation to discover the fun and supportive world of Obstacle Course Racing.

Bored of the gym? This Is For You

Obstacle Course Racing is just one of the many new shifts in fitness away from traditional gyms towards a more fun way to stay in shape. You don’t need to be an elite obstacle course racer to have fun. Most of these races have open heats perfect if you’re looking for new ways to challenge your mind and body. Races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and X Warrior are great examples of races open to those looking for solid activity and a fun experience. And who knows, you may just uncover a hidden passion!

We encourage people of any age and ability to get involved in the growing community of obstacle course racing by getting out of your comfort zone and giving one of the many fun runs a try! For kids looking to be introduced to the world of obstacle course racing, we offer two 6-week programs beginning in January designed to keep your kid active and engaged while learning and having fun! Visit our programs page for more information and to register!

Special thanks to Joe Doenz and CCNMEDIA for the great video and to Faye Stenning for hanging out in our facility on Sunday showing us some tips and tricks.


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